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Let us submit a quote for your hydraulic parts and enjoy prices that only the larger companies pay.
Personal Customer Service
With Hydra Kinetics, you get access to experienced engineers and a unique personal service that can make your job much easier. Let us solve your problems. It's what we do best!
Quality Products
Many of our manufacturers are ISO9001/ISO9002 certified and all have been in business for many years. We are committed to providing quality products to assure long term satisfaction.
Diverse Line of Hydraulic Products
Over our 16 years in the hydraulic business, we have expanded our product line to include:
 Cylinders (Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electronic)
 Power Units    
 Machined Parts
 Electronic Flares
 Position Sensors     
 Filter Carts
 Flow Dividers
 Rotary Joints
 Hose & Fittings
 Filtration Systems
 Hydraulic Fittings   
 Hydraulic Starters
 Gear Pumps
 Quick Disconnects
Designing a new system? Let us help. We also provide many services from engineering to building complete hydraulic systems.
Fast Delivery Time
We have one of the fastest delivery times for custom built hydraulic cylinders. After print approval, you can expect your cylinders in less than eight weeks. We also keep a supply of popular hydraulic items in stock to meet demands and stock items will ship within 24 hours of receiving your order.
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Just call us toll-free at 888-288-1067 for a catalog. It's free and it includes more information about our products. Or you may check out our recently updated website at

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